Garmin Forerunner 201 Review


  • Dimensions: 3.26″ x 1.71″ x 0.7″ (8.28 x 4.35 x 1.8 cm)
  • Display: 1.44″ x 0.92″ (3.65 x 2.34 cm)
  • Resolution: 100 x 64 pixels
  • Weight: 2.75 oz (78 g)
  • Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Battery life: 15 hours, typical
  • Water resistant: yes (IPX7)
  • GPS-enabled: yes
  • High-sensitivity receiver: no
  • RoHS version available: yes
  • Lap history: 5,000 laps
  • Waypoints/favorites/locations: 100
  • Routes: 0
  • Heart rate monitor: no
  • Bike speed/cadence sensor: no
  • Foot pod: no
  • Automatic sync: no
  • Garmin Connect™ compatible: yes
  • Garmin Training Center compatible: yes
  • Virtual Partner: yes
  • Courses: no
  • Auto Pause: yes
  • Auto Lap: yes
  • Auto Scroll: no
  • Multi-sport: no
  • Advanced workouts: no
  • Simple workouts: yes
  • Pace alert: yes
  • Time/distance alert: yes
  • Vibration alert: no
  • Interval training: yes
  • Customizable screen(s): yes
  • Unit-to-unit transfer: no
  • Sport watch: no


  • Free software
  • Water resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Big display
  • Easy viewing in low light


  • No heart rate monitor
  • Serial PC interface
  • Loses gps signal easily
  • Bulky


The Garmin Forerunner 201 GPS watch gives athletes a more effective workout. This GPS device can accurately measure how fast you are running, the overall distance you have run and how many calories were used during a particular workout. It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery and you can even upload the information it collects onto your computer to monitor the overall effectiveness of your workout.

The Forerunner 201 has dimensions of 3.26″ x 1.71″ x 0.7″, and it has a display size of 1.44″ x 0.92″. It has a display resolution of 100 x 64 pixels and it is water resistant. At a weight of only 2.75 ounces, this device is small enough to easily fit into your pocket when not in use.

The Forerunner 201 is very easy to use and can easily store up to 5,000 laps. It has many different customizable features, so that you can customize it according to your specifications.

The Forerunner 201 lets you create the ideal workout, and it has an automatic alarm that will let you know when you reach a particular distance or if you deviate from your set pace. You can start or stop a new lap with the auto pause and auto lap. It also automatically stops when you slow down or stop your workout completely.

The Forerunner 201 has a virtual partner, which tracks your goals that you set before the workout by showing what your goal pace is and how you are performing at maintaining this pace during the workout.

The Forerunner 201 comes with the Garmin Connect and the Garmin Training Center. What this does is allow you to prepare, collect and evaluate the quality of the workout that is taking place through the online community. You can use this feature to analyze the interactive map and route sharing information to find the best route for your workout. There is even a web based training system that will that can help any athlete take their workouts to the next level.

We recommend using the Forerunner 201 if you want to improve the overall quality of your workouts. That being said, some people who have used the device have complained that the device may frequently lose the satellite signal and confuse the altitude, as well as the pace from time to time.  These occurrences seem to be minimal and the Forerunner 205 is defiantly worth some serious consideration, especially if you are a serious runner, cyclist or outdoor enthusiast.

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