Suunto t3 Review


  • Dimensions: 2.25 x 2.25 x 0.5 inches (5.72 x 5.72 x 1.27 cm)
  • Weight: 1.5 oz (42.52 g)
  • Battery type: Lithium Ion CR 2032
  • Calories burned: Yes
  • File storage: 15
  • Speed/distance: Yes (with POD)
  • Clock: Yes
  • Lap timer: 50
  • Stop watch: Yes
  • Daily alarm: Yes
  • Countdown timer: Yes
  • Date: Yes
  • Water-resistance (wrist unit): 30 meters
  • Heart rate display: Yes
  • Target heart rate zones: 3
  • Time in target zone: Yes
  • Average heart rate: Yes
  • High/low target heart rate: Yes
  • Heart rate memory/recall: Yes


  • Accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Good interface


  • No longer in production
  • Interface is small
  • Scratches easily
  • Display hard to read


The Suunto t3 GPS watch is a full-feature heart rate monitor and fitness watch. The t3 can provide you with dual time, the date, an alarm, plus a split/lap stopwatch. With additional PODs you can monitor your overall heart rate, the amount of calories that are being burned during your workout and how you are performing as far as your targeted goals are concerned.

The watch is no longer in production, but is still available at many retailers and is still widely in use. Standard features are the chronograph, thermometer, heart rate monitor, alarms and a backlight. The t3 measures 1.32 X3.58 X 4.22 mm thick/total display area/case diameter.

The t3 is the kind of watch that is easy to use and you can place the watch in your pocket attach the watch to your wrist during workouts.  It is very easy to set up, can be used for a wide variety of different sports, and it has simple to use as well as a flexible display. Plus, it comes with software to download your workout information on to your computer.

The unit can give you accurate information about what is taking place during your workout so you can analyze what you current heart rate is, the average heart rate during your workout and the maximum heart rate that you were at during your workout. This information can help you see how effective a workout you are having and can allow you determine if you need be pushing yourself even more.

The t3 can be fitted with the optional Foot POD, Bike POD, Road Bike POD, or GPS PODs. These can be used to customize the device to a particular sport that you will be participating in, that way you can be able to see how effective you workout was when you were enjoying your favorite sport.

This model has different training storage tools that will allow you to store the training records of your workouts going back to the current week, previous week or even the last six months.

Suunto t3 is easy to use and comes with many different features that could help all levels of athletes in many different sports. However, there have been some complaints that the log is too small and that there is no warning light indicating when the battery is going to need a charge.  We believe the t3 is worth some serious consideration.

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